DI-SOBH, combined webbing tie-down with DI seatbelt, standard stalk and hook

Combined Webbing Tie-down, Double Inertia seatbelt, floor anchor

Combined Retractable Tie-down, Double Inertia Seatbelt, floor anchor

As low as £275.63+ VAT
Combined Retractable Tie-down, DI Seatbelt, floor anchor
The combined systems comprise a retractable wheelchair tie-down with a three point occupant restraint

- The combined Quattro tie-down is available with dipped karabiners, hooks or tongue & buckle to provide a wider choice of wheelchair restraint options
- The retractable combined tie-down comes with a choice of metal or plastic cover
- The passenger restraint comprises a black housing reel with grey and black webbing and a choice of either standard reversible stalk or short fixed stalk
- The passenger restraint is available as a two point system, or a three point system with the additional purchase of the third point shoulder belt.
- This rear combined restraint requires two Solo anchors as flooring system.

We recommend the use of a three point occupant restraint system to provide greater protection in case of an impact. However, we also recognise that some vehicle layout/designs or specific postural or medical conditions do not allow that style of seatbelt to be used easily.
This system is not ISO 10542 compliant if used in two point configuration.

In accordance with international standards, our occupant restraints are designed to be used for passengers weighing 22kg and above.
If the passenger weighs less than 22kg, we recommend that a suitable, and appropriately compliant child restraint system is used.
This may involve a secondary seat belt restraint as recommended by the original seat manufacturer.