TN Unwin M2 25mm T-Bolt Seat Fixture

M2 T-Bolt 25mm

RBC - Removable Butterfly Clip, Seat Fixture for M2 vehicles

Removable Butterfly Clip

Standard Lockable

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Lightweight yet very strong, the Removable Seat Fixture is very secure and easy to operate.

- The seat fixture consists of 5 flexible plated feet at the rear and 3 at the front for safety
- The feet have been designed to locate directly into the rail and fall into position
- The plunger mechanism enables the seat to be quickly locked into place
- The anti-rattle device secures to the underside of the rail to assist in fixing the seat
- The standard seat fixture is fitted with 3 fixing screws for added security

Transport wheels are available as an accessory to allow the easy movement of seats outside the vehicle.