Unwin, Quattro Express, self-retracting tie-down, metal with hook

Quattro Express, self-retracting, rail floor

Quattro Retractable, rail floor

As low as £102.50+ VAT
Quattro Retractable
The standard, retractable system with manual tensioning mechanism to secure chairs during transport.

- Two pairs of standard Quattro will be required to secure the front and rear of the wheelchair
- The standard Quattro system offers a fully adjustable webbing retractor to suit most wheelchair anchoring positions
- The wheelchair restraint incorporates a dual tensioning handle to easily secure the wheelchair during transport
- Standard Quattro is available with either a sleek silver metal housing or a plastic cover with built-in release button for ease of operation and handling
- This retractable wheelchair tie-down is available with a choice of karabiner, hooks or tongue & buckle to provide a wider choice of wheelchair restraint options
- Standard Quattro uses either red for wheelchair weight of up to 120kg or black webbing for wheelchair weight of up to 100kg

An additional occupant restraint is required to secure the wheelchair user during transport.

All the Quattro systems have been dynamically tested and are compatible with a wide range of wheelchair designs.