SOBK - Rear Webbing Tie-downs, floor anchors, black webbing with karabiners

Rear Webbing Tie-down, floor anchors

Rear Webbing Tie-down, floor anchor, red webbing with karabiners

£69.69+ VAT
A rear webbing restraint with Solo fixing and Karabiner.
This product uses fully adjustable rear straps for ease of operation.
The rear webbing restraint incorporates a sleek, new design over-centre buckle for easy operation, a shorter webbing length for added versatility and a stop button for additional safety benefit.
This Wheelchair Restraint comes dipped Karabiner hook to provide a wider choice of wheelchair restraints options.
The Solo Wheelchair Restraint Systems are now using red webbing to provide high visibility for the drivers or carers.
A cost effective option with the minimum of fuss.
This rear restraint requires 2 Solo anchors as flooring system.