FTW300 Feal Foldable Telescopic 25cm wide Ramp

Folding Telescopic Portable Ramps

FT200 Feal Foldable Telescopic 19cm wide Ramps

200cm Folding Telescopique Portable Ramp

300cm Folding Telescopique Portable Wide Ramps

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Our portable ramps are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They’re easy to bring along on trips or to places that do not have fixed ramps. With handles that retract effortlessly, simple locks that you can open and close in one easy step, and superior slip resistance. All of our portable ramps have a side profile of 52 mm in height.
Best quality on the market
Unique non-slip surface which provides ultimate grip for upwards and downwards rolling
FEAL’s ramps are light whilst remaining strong
Easy locking
Stylish and high loading capacity
Anodized aluminium that provides long-term protection against scratches and corrosion