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Seat Locker

SL - Standard Removable Seat Fixture for M1 Vehicles

Standard Lockable


As low as £41.69+ VAT
HAL (Hand Actuated Lockable) is a new removable seat fixture especially suited to the community transport market.

- Easy grip and operate with a shaped handle
- Single-release hand trigger easily releases HAL from the rail with a single hand operation
- Rear anchor technology enables the lockable to be set and secure at the rear of the seat
- The lockable is rattle free for the reassurance and comfort of passengers and drivers
- With the aid of the integrated wheel, the lockable self-locates into the rail with ease. Please note this wheel is only designed for use within the vehicle
- An Anti-tamper mechanism can be used to further secure the seat within the vehicle
- HAL provides versatility as it fits any seat leg, any rail
- VCA witnessed lockable which is significantly stronger than M1 requirements on single seats
- HAL is IPR Protected Countrywide and comes with 3 years warranty

Transport wheels are available as an accessory to allow you to easily move seats outside the vehicle.