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Seat Locker

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Seat Locker
A premium removable seat fixture. The Seat Locker is a discreet low built lockable engineered to be rattle free. A simple step on the actuator locks the seat into the tracking.

- Designed to be easy to use, the actuator of the Seat Locker ensures a safe and rattle free grip in one single motion and without adjustments.
- Integral safety release catch to stop accidental release of the seat.
- The built-in wheel makes moving heavy seats around quick and easy. For moving seats outside use the optional transport wheels.
- Finding the correct position inside the track is easy, as the locker is self-locating.
- The new lockable fits any rail with scallops at one inch (25.4mm) centre to centre.
- The Seat locker helps you cut time adapting your vehicle, so you can be back on the road in no time.
- The Seat Locker is one of the most versatile lockers in the market.The fixing point design yields the strongest bond, yet the lockable is flexible enough to fit any seat manufacture.
- The sleek and discreet profile blends in well with the interior of a modern vehicle and is available in two colours, black and grey.

The Seat Locker has been successfully tested to ECE Regulation 14 and EC 76/115 as amended to M1.